Why Isn't Your Brand Using TV to Reach Second-Screening Viewers?
06 December 2016 • tvsquared

When was the last time you watched TV without a smartphone or tablet in your hand? I can’t think of a time, in recent memory, that I didn’t have my iPhone close by – whether it was during the election to learn more about state results, or looking up movie times after watching a trailer that ran during my kids favorite Nickelodeon show. My retired mother even texts me updates on “The Walking Dead” in real-time (we’ve since discussed spoiler sensitivities).

According to Accenture, 87% of TV viewers watch with second-screen devices. This is the new way of watching TV – we’re all active-participation viewers. And for brands, this is the reason why TV advertising can be more powerful today than ever before. When viewers are interested, they immediately engage.

There has been study after study showing that TV advertising (1) drives major website traffic, (2) increases search by up to 80% and (3) promotes app installs. Findings like these make me wonder why more brands don’t design their TV strategies around the second-screening viewer. The opportunity to reach the right viewers, and get them to immediately engage via mobile, is huge!

One company that does this right is Adore Me. Not only does it use clear, strong mobile calls-to-action within its creatives, but in a particular commercial, the actress even says, “I know your phone’s out, so look them up.” Brilliant.

It’s all about using TV to create a “feedback loop” with consumers – the process of action-information-reaction. In 2017, expect to see more savvy brands (and not just retailers) make like Adore Me and design their TV campaigns around second-screening viewers.