Local TV: Part 5 - The Need for Collaboration, Trust and Transparency
12 February 2020 • tvsquared
Meg Coyle,
Vice President of Communications

For advertisers looking to maximize local TV buys in 2020 (and beyond), it’s important to prioritize collaboration. Specifically, the buy and sell sides need to forge relationships built on deliverables and tangible outcomes—not ones based primarily on personality. Of course, transparency is also key. Sellers can only truly collaborate with advertisers if they are forthright with their own measures of success (and vice versa).

Advertisers should also note that local TV is consistently a highly trusted medium. This trust is partly due to the personal connections local TV is able to make with viewers through favorite local news personalities and local interest topics such as weather. Brands can leverage this level of trust for greater campaign performance.

As part of a larger discussion on how advertisers can maximize local TV throughout 2020 and beyond, TVSquared recently spoke with Jo Kinsella, President of TVSquared, and Danielle DeLauro, the EVP of the VAB (Video Advertising Bureau), to delve deeper into why advertisers need to embrace collaboration and leverage trust. Listen to the conversation below: